About Us


Lindy leaning on microwave
Lindy Cleeland – President CWA Tas

We began 1936 and going strong!! We would love to have you join us!!

The CWA is a self-funded volunteer philanthropic organisation with a focus on friendship, personal development and advocacy. The Association encourages advocating on: community issues; sustainable development and the protection of the environment; and social issues. The CWA also encourages supporting community and taking an interest in the workings of government at all levels. It awards educational grants and scholarships.Our Association benefits you and your community. We are part of the largest voluntary women’s organisation in Australia and affiliated with the Associated Country Women of the World.

We advocate for women and communities in rural Australia on a wide variety of issues and we are involved in critical national and global issues too.

And yes we do also make arts/craft and delicious jam just like we always have!!

But we’re more interested in what YOU can do!

  • LOCALLY        we have a  monthly news letter called News & Views.  We have a great relationship  Tas Country which regularly publishes articles for us.
  • Monthly meetings or excursions.Fund Raising Cause – Heroes need Heroes we raise awareness and Funds.Royal Hobart show 2017- CWA is to be part of the larger children’s, education and fun area. Building on from our vege animals – moving away from Scones, Jam and CreamCountry shows –Statewide:

    Expression of interest sought from members interested in joining the Working Party on Education and Training.


    Conference – Burnie 8,9,10 September.

    • Resolutions, Workshops, Attendees, sponsorships.

    Group forums – in all areas.


  • National:                        National conference  Sept 2018,Canberra
    •                                 Resolutions, Workshops,                                                                                                                                                                       Attendees, sponsorships.


                     CWA in Tas is a member society of the Associated Country Women of the World. Many branches and members are also individual members of this association.

    With a presence in over 70 countries in the world – ACWW is divided into several areas. We are in the South Pacific area.

    • South Pacific Area Conference, 2017 New Plymouth, New

    Resolutions, Workshops, Attendees, sponsorships.

    • Member exchange program between Australia and USA.


    ACWW Triennial World Conference April 3-10, 2019
    Hosted by the Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc.

    The resolutions and Recommendations from the World Conference are issues member societies around the world are encouraged to work to improve in their own community. Reporting back via their society, and area and to the World board.  Projects are funded by ACWW as a result of member societies requesting assistance.

    The resolutions debated at world conference – begin in your local meeting and your concerns can be carried to and acted upon by a global army of women.



    From the ACWW World Conference 2016

    The Constitution

    Food Sovereignty


    Sustainable Energy

    Shale Gas


    Water Supply

    Eradicable Diseases

    Officer Membership


    Civil Soc. & Gender


    Be it resolved that ACWW and its member organisations urge their governments to take action to stop the increasing worldwide sexual abuse of women and children in refugee camps and shelters.


    South Pacific Triennial Conference 2020

    Tasmania has put in a bid to host this conference.

    Expression of interest – we will soon be called for the organizing committee.

    We are working with the Tasmanian government in preparing for submitting our bid in New Zealand.