About Us

Founded in 1936 and going strong

Our Association benefits you and your community. We are part of the largest voluntary womens organization in Australia and affiliated with the Associated Country Women of the World.

  • Are you interested in working in your local community?
  • Are you interested in helping rural women in other countries?
  • Would you like to make new friends?
  • Do you have a couple of hours to spare each month?
  • Do you enjoy a chat and a cuppa with friendly ladies?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then the Country Womens Association in Tasmania (Inc) could be the answer for you.


We can offer you opportunities

  • Community service
  • Regular social interaction
  • Caring about others
  • Personal development through learning new skills
  • Develop organisational skills for conferences, exhibitions, festivals, public meetings and workshops
  • Learn handcraft, home skills
  • Develop and share your new ideas for branch activities and community fund raising!


CWA projects in the local community include:

  • Promotion within the community of increased awareness of lymphoedema and providing financial support for Tasmanian sufferers from 2000 to 2003
  • Ongoing donations and fundraising for Royal Hobart Hospital paediatric services and cancer research
  • Clothes and baby care items for families in need
  • Aids and prostheses for cancer patients, distributed through the Cancer Council
  • Annual Nursing Bursary and Rural Scholarship for first year university students
  • From the sale of 2 properties, nearly $30,000 was donated to local hospitals and community groups.




On a state level

  • Government departments and agencies seek input from CWA on consumer, health and other issues and request feedback on discussion papers
  • Community organisations seek our assistance and financial support


On a national level CWA is a member of CWA of Australia

  • The Federal government regularly seeks submissions on a wide range of consumer and rural/regional concerns – including the shortage of General Practitioners, rural education, unemployment and welfare issues, drought relief, national highway safety priorities, general consumer protection issues and
  • Input on Federal government policy formation is sought through the National Association.


On an international level CWA is a member of the Associated Country Women of the World

  • Who support a range of agricultural, health and social programmes in developing countries
  • Works closely with the United Nations
  • Water For All fund supports the production of clean water through provision of water tanks, by boring wells and providing hand pumps
  • Women Feed the World fund supports subsistence food production and training in appropriate agricultural technologies and credit savings schemes
  • CWA in Tasmania hosted a very successful 24th ACWW Triennial World Conference in Hobart in March 2004
  • CWA has supported a foster child through Plan Australia for over thirty years.





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