We are changing!!

Hi everyone!!

Our website is closed for a little while as we need to update it and make it a better more interactive site for all our visitors. The process may take a little while but in the meantime we are still here in the "real world" working hard for Tasmania and you can still contact us!

Please click on the link to our Facebook page below if you would like to catch up or ask about our services or how to get involved. We try hard to respond as promptly as possible! You can also find our phone number & email under this text if you need to contact us personally.

At this point we're hoping to have it back up with it's wonderful new look & features in time for a relaunch at the State Conference on September 8. (fingers crossed!!)

If there are any changes or important news we will update this Coming Soon page as well as our Facebook page so check back here & at Facebook regularly!

Also, please fill out the "subscribe" link if you'd like to receive updates & information from us about important news & exciting events happening in Tasmania.

Thank you for your patience.

Lindy Cleeland

President    CWATas

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